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Apache Doris Connector

Apache Doris Connector

Apache Doris is a high-performance, and real-time analytical database, which could support high-concurrent point query scenarios. StreamPark encapsulates DoirsSink for writing data to Doris in real-time, based on Doris' stream loads

Write with StreamPark

Use StreamPark to write data to Doris. DorisSink only supports JSON format (single-layer) writing currently, such as: {"id":1,"name":"streampark"} The example of the running program is java, as follows:

configuration list

fenodes: //doris fe http url
database: test //doris database
table: test_tbl //doris table
user: root
password: 123456
batchSize: 100 //doris sink batch size per streamload
intervalMs: 3000 //doris sink the time interval of each streamload
maxRetries: 1 //stream load retries
streamLoad: //doris streamload own parameters
format: json
strip_outer_array: true
max_filter_ratio: 1

write data to Doris


import org.apache.streampark.flink.core.StreamEnvConfig;
import org.apache.streampark.flink.core.scala.StreamingContext;
import org.apache.streampark.flink.core.scala.source.KafkaRecord;
import org.apache.flink.api.common.functions.MapFunction;
import org.apache.flink.streaming.api.datastream.DataStream;

public class DorisJavaApp {

public static void main(String[] args) {
StreamEnvConfig envConfig = new StreamEnvConfig(args, null);
StreamingContext context = new StreamingContext(envConfig);
DataStream<String> source = new KafkaSource<String>(context)
.map((MapFunction<KafkaRecord<String>, String>) KafkaRecord::value)

new DorisSink<String>(context).sink(source);



It is recommended to set batchSize to insert data in batches to improve performance. At the same time, to improve real-time performance, intervalMs is supported for batch writing. The number of streamload retries can be increased by setting maxRetries.