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Kubernetes PVC Resource usage

Resource usage instructions of K8s PVC

The support for pvc resource(mount file resources such as checkpoint/savepoint/logs and so on) is based on pod-template at current version。

Users do not have to concern the Native-Kubernetes Session.It will be processed when Session Cluster is constructed .Native-Kubernetes Application can be constructed by configuring on StreamPark webpage using pod-templatejm-pod-templatetm-pod-template.

Here is a brief example. Two PVC flink-checkpointflink-savepoint should be constructed in advance

Kubernetes PVC

'pod-template' can be configured as below :

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
name: pod-template
- name: flink-main-container
- name: checkpoint-pvc
mountPath: /opt/flink/checkpoints
- name: savepoint-pvc
mountPath: /opt/flink/savepoints
- name: checkpoint-pvc
claimName: flink-checkpoint
- name: savepoint-pvc
claimName: flink-savepoint

There are three ways to provide the dependency when using rocksdb-backend.

  1. Flink Base Docker Image contains the dependency(user fix the dependency conflict by themself);

  2. Put the dependency flink-statebackend-rocksdb_xx.jar to the path Workspace/jars in StreamPark ;

  3. Add the rockdb-backend dependency to StreamPark Dependency(StreamPark will fix the conflict automatically) :

    rocksdb dependency

We will provide a graceful way to generate pod-template configuration to simplify the procedure of k8s-pvc mounting in future version.