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LDAP Tutorial

LDAP Introduction

LDAP (Light Directory Access Portocol), which is a lightweight directory access protocol based on the X.500 standard.

A directory is a database optimized for querying, browsing and searching that organizes data in a tree-like structure, similar to a file directory.

LDAP directory service is a system consisting of a directory database and a set of access protocols.

Why use LDAP?

When we have more than one daily office system, each system has a different account password, the password is too much to remember which system the password corresponds to, when the new system development is not to create a new set of account password?

LDAP unified authentication service is used to solve the above problems.

Configuring LDAP

1.Official website to download the binary installation package

2.Add LDAP configuration

cd streampark
cd conf
vim application
## This value is the domain name required for company LDAP user login
urls: ldap://
username: cn=Manager,dc=streampark,dc=com
password: streampark
## DN distinguished name
base-dn: dc=streampark,dc=com
## Key values for search filtering
attribute: cn
## User matches the Key value of the user's mailbox
attribute: mail