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Development Guide

Environment Requirements

OSLinuxSupports Windows, recommended to use Mac/Linux.
IDEIntellij IDEARecommended to use Intellij IDEA
JAVA1.8 +
Scala2.12.xinstall scala-plugin in Intellij IDEA
Nodejs16.14.x ~ 18
pnpm7.11.2npm install -g pnpm
Flink1.12.0 +Flink >= 1.12, just download and unpack it.
MySQL5.6 +
Hadoop2 +Optional, If on yarn, hadoop envs is required.

Clone the Source Code

git clone

Build the Project

cd incubator-streampark/

Open the Project

Here, we are using idea to open the project.

open -a /Applications/IntelliJ\ IDEA\ ./

Extract the Package

cd ./dist
tar -zxvf apache-streampark-2.2.0-incubating-bin.tar.gz

Copy the Path

Copy the path of the extracted directory, for example: ${workspace}/incubator-streampark/dist/apache-streampark-2.2.0-incubating-bin

Start the Backend Service

Navigate to streampark-console/streampark-console-service/src/main/java/org/apache/streampark/console/

Modify the launch configuration

Streampark Modify Run Configuration

Check Add VM options, and input the parameter -Dapp.home=$path, where $path is the path we just copied.


Streampark Run Config

Then, start the backend service.

Start the Frontend Service

cd ../streampark-console/streampark-console-webapp
pnpm serve

Streampark Frontend Running

Visit http://localhost:10001/, enter the username admin and the password streampark, then choose a team to proceed.

Streampark Select Team

Demonstrate Debugging Code

1.Start the project in debug mode in Idea

2.Add breakpoints in the link/app/list of the Application Controller

Streampark Project Build

3.Entering your account password to log in to streampark and selecting team will trigger a breakpoint

Streampark Project Build